APP draft includes provisions for open spaces

The draft of the Area Performance Planning ordinance establishes open space requirements while encouraging creativity in layout design by being as flexible as possible in the application of these standards.

Improving the quality of all development activities, whether residential or nonresidential, contributes to the general welfare, prosperity and pride of the county. If the preservation of open space is involved, there is the opportunity to mitigate potential environmental problems and promote a healthier and more livable community.

The draft of the APP ordinance creates open space requirements in order to preserve and enhance existing vistas; improve appearance; offset the environmental impact of large expanses of impervious surfaces; improve ground water recharge; and promote adequate light, air and open space for the residents of and visitors to Spartanburg County.

The draft ordinance includes sections that address application of open space requirements, quantity of open space, configuration, access, abandonment of golf courses, and ownership of open space, among others.

To read more about the manner in which the draft APP ordinance addresses open spaces, click here.

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