Area Performance Planning draft establishes districts

The draft of the Area Performance Planning ordinance provides for the establishment of a variety of districts, including the Restrictive Development District, General Development District, Partial Restriction District and Overlay Districts.

The specific uses and compatibility standards allowed in these districts are found mainly in the use tables, but the general district descriptions are as follows:

Restrictive Development District (RD)

The Restrictive Development (RD) District is intended to be primarily used and preserved for agricultural and residential activities and development. The draft ordinance requires non-residential activities that locate in the RD district to be “good neighbors” to the existing or future residential development, which means that those activities must meet the more restrictive compatibility standards in the APP ordinance. In this way, Spartanburg County promotes good development, without unreasonably taking away a property owner’s land-use options.

General Development District (GD)

The General Development (GD) District is better suited for non-residential activities, and, therefore, most activities are allowed to locate in the GD District with fewer restrictions. However, residential uses located in the GD District prior to the effective date of this ordinance are considered “protected” and would be given compatibility protection in accordance with the RD District standards in this ordinance.

Partial Restriction District (PR)

In the Partial Restriction (PR) District the regulations contained in the Unified Land Management Ordinance (ULMO) shall apply, except for the provisions of Article 7 – Signs contained in this ordinance which shall apply in all the unincorporated portions of Spartanburg County.

Overlay Districts

Overlay Districts include land-use and development requirements designed to be applied over, or in addition to, the requirements of the underlying district for a specific purpose without removing or modifying the underlying district requirements. Article 3 contains any Overlay Districts associated with this ordinance.

To learn more about Overlay Districts or the manner in which the APP draft ordinance applies districts in general, click here.

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