Draft of Area Performance Planning ordinance includes scenic corridor protection

Under the draft of the Area Performance Planning ordinance, certain roads in the county, or portions of roads, may be identified as scenic corridors.

Because of their unique character, these scenic roads play an important role in environmental quality, sense of community and history, as well as economic development. Under the APP draft ordinance, development along these corridors are required to be designed with the principal purpose of either accommodating and preserving existing tree canopies or creating an enhanced tree canopy. The intent of this ordinance is not to prohibit extensive development along these corridors, but to either retain or create a unique character in the process of development.

The identification of scenic corridors must be approved by the Spartanburg County Council after recommendations from the County Planning Commission. Scenic corridors may be removed or added by the same process. Roads designated as scenic corridors will carry the extension S1, S2, or S3 after their road classification.

To read more about scenic corridor classifications, click here.

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