Through Area Performance Planning, Spartanburg County Council is providing a foundation for superior quality of life for residents, unlimited opportunities for business and an exceptional learning environment for education through purposeful planning, investment and use of resources. Area Performance Planning is about protecting property owners and Spartanburg County’s rich cultural, historical and natural destinations, while simultaneously encouraging sound economic growth. Using growth trajectories as a guide and road classifications as the methodology, Area Performance Planning provides the flexibility to accommodate market principles while balancing private property rights.


Draft of Ordinance




So how does Area Performance Planning work?


Residents, stakeholders, elected officials and experts will drive this process, providing insight and valuable feedback as part of two committees – the Advisory Committee and the Technical Committee – and through public forums.

Advisory Committee Information

Technical Committee Information


Spartanburg County has been divided into five regional areas – Southwestern (1), Northwestern (2), Northeastern (3), Central (4) and Southeastern (5). The first section to participate in performance planning will be the Southwestern area.


The volume of traffic on roads to help determine where to encourage existing growth and make accommodations where growth is incompatible. Roads will be divided into four classifications – Freeways, Arterial, Collectors and Local Roads.

Road Classifications Map


Freeways are limited access roads at the top of the hierarchy. Arterial roads carry large volumes of traffic and are major through roads. Collectors funnel traffic from local roads and distribute it to arterials. Local roads have the lowest speed limits and carry low volumes of traffic.