• Bonnie Stafiej

    Is the general public invited to attend future performance planning meetings. If so can you give me the upcoming meeting dates and meeting location. I am a home owner living in Fox Hunt, in unincorporated Spartanburg off Reidville Road. Thank You

  • David Cortese

    I was out-of-town when the kick-off meeting was held. My wife stood in for me.
    One comment that I have is that the approach we may want to consider is how to integrate both businesses and residences through the use of ‘setbacks’ and building designs. ‘Setbacks’ where buildings would be set further into the property and at a significant distance from the road boundary. The setbacks would be used to position natural vegetation growth (trees, bushes, etc.) so that a more natural setting would be viewed on the boundaries.
    Building design guidelines could be used to provide the blend in the outside of buildings with the natural vegetation. Such guidelines would be things like using earth-tone colors, stone construction, minimal neon lighting and signs that pleasing to the owners and residences alike. One state that practices this in some of its localities is Connecticut. Perhaps, a few members from the consulting group could explore these options and communicate with Connecticut representatives on this.
    Thank you.
    David Cortese