Parts of APP draft ordinance carried over from ULMO

In reading through the draft of the Area Performance Planning document, it may be helpful to understand that portions of the proposed requirements were carried over from the existing Unified Land Management Ordinance, which currently regulates the use of certain buildings, structures and land.

Many of those portions can be found in Article 4 of the proposed APP draft, which can be viewed by clicking here. This section is entitled, “Activities Requiring Conditional Use Approval.”

Conditional uses are those activities that have unique requirements not covered by normal performance zoning requirements. These uses are some of the more intensive land uses that necessitate additional requirements in order to accomplish compatibility.  The restrictions found in this article are over and above the standards established under other articles within the proposed draft, and where conditional use restrictions conflict with those found in other articles, the more restrictive provisions apply.

This section of the draft lays out a structure for a variety of uses including:

  • -manufactured home parks,
  • -camps and recreational vehicles,
  • -communications towers,
  • -flea markets and open air markets,
  • -salvage yards,
  • -race tracks, and many other uses.

If you are interested more in learning about these proposed guidelines, I invite you to read the draft of the APP guidelines found here online.

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